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Re: [Condor-users] Does Condor support th e PVM on Windows?

I have the same question. I am new to Condor and i have installed Condor 6.8.0 and MPICH NT1.2.4 on Windows. While i submit the job with parallel universe,the job gets into idle status so i want to know whether the parallel universe includes the jobs submitting in MPICH on windows?

发件人:"Nano Surbakti"
发送时间:2006-08-19 12:34:10
收件人:"Condor-Users Mail List"
主题:Re: [Condor-users] Does Condor support the PVM on Windows?

> However, the 'parallel universe' does work on Windows --- and off the
> top of my head, I cannot think of any reason why you could not use
> the parallel universe to launch "regular" pvm jobs.

Does the "parallel universe" mean MPI ?

Nano Surbakti
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