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Re: [Condor-users] Windows jobs behave deifferently under Condor

> So my question boils down to something like this: Aside from the
> environnment, is there some salient difference in the way jobs execute
> under Condor which would have an impact on the runtime behavior of a
> process?

In case you've not already thought of it:  the other big difference
would be what user it is running as.  Condor creates (I think) temporary
users for the purpose of running jobs.  Perhaps the permissions on the
executable (or the path to the executable) are such that the temporary
user cannot see the executable (or possibly some other file like a dll).

Check the ACLs on the exe and the directory tree up to root.  You would
*probably* be safe allowing "Everyone" read/traverse/execute access to
that whole path + the executable, but consider the possible security
impact of that, with respect to the environment you're working in.

Craig Miskell
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