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[Condor-users] Birdbath, need some help.

Okay this has been posted before, thus the problem should be know. The host is a linux and the client is a XP SP2. I'm running condor 6.8.0.

8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) Received HTTP POST connection from <>
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) Current Socket bufsize=85k
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) Current Socket bufsize=16k
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) About to serve HTTP request...
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) SOAP entered beginTransaction(), transaction: 0
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) SOAP call rejected, no permission for user NULL/<>
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) SOAP leaving beginTransaction() result=1
8/30 12:28:09 (pid:22508) Completed servicing HTTP request

The condor_config has these values set.
HOSTALLOW_READ                   = *.purdue.edu
HOSTALLOW_WRITE                  = *.purdue.edu
ALLOW_SOAP                             = *.purdue.edu
WEB_ROOT_DIR                          = $(RELEASE_DIR)/web
ENABLE_SOAP                             = TRUE
SCHEDD_ARGS                             = -p 12000

What am I missing? Another question that comes to up is can the webservice interface be statically directed to a particular user?