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Re: [Condor-users] working directories

Hi Jens,

Jens-Soenke Voeckler wrote:
> On Aug 29, 2006, at 16:42 , Michael Thomas wrote:
>> What is the right way (if any) for a globus universe job to change the
>> initial working directory for running jobs?  I have a user who is
>> submitting globus jobs with InitialDir set to some shared directory at
>> our site, but the local condor 6.7.18 batch system is ignoring this  and
>> using _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR instead.  Is the only solution to have the
>> user cd to the desired directory instead of trying to use InitialDir?
> Try "remote_initialdir" for grid jobs.

Thanks for the tip.  I can set remote_initialdir in the user's job
description file, which gets translated to InitialDir in the
gatekeeper's job submission script from the Globus job manager.
However, when the job runs, it seems to ignore this InitialDir setting
and runs in _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR instead.

I also noticed that my global condor_config file has 'EXECUTE=/tmp'.

How is the value of _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR computed, and why would condor
ignore the value for InitialDir in the local job description file?


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