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[Condor-users] Bug in 6.7.15 STARTD_CRON_JOBS

We just discovered a bug in 6.7.15 that prevents startd cron jobs from running if you use the old-style configuration setting STARTD_CRON_JOBS instead of the new-style setting STARTD_CRON_JOBLIST. For the moment, I have pulled the 6.7.15 binaries off of the download page, because I'd like to limit the impact of this bug. In the very near future, we will either release a version with a fix for this problem, or we will better document the existence of this problem in the 6.7.15 release.

If you have already started using 6.7.15, please make sure that you are using STARTD_CRON_JOBLIST instead of STARTD_CRON_JOBS. Here is the section in the manual describing these configuration settings:


Apologies for any inconvenience.