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Re: [Condor-users] Error with authenticate_self_gss

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 02:12:14PM -0800, Terrence Martin wrote:
> This is a new one I have not seen before. I assume it may have something 
> to do with how I am now getting condor to copy around my proxies? Is it 
> trying to renew a users proxy?

is it easily reproducible?  what daemon did you get that log snippet from?

in any case, i can see what is wrong, but i can't explain why without more

> Attempt 2
> globus_credential: Error reading proxy credential
> globus_sysconfig: Could not find a valid proxy certificate file location
> globus_sysconfig: Error with key filename
> globus_sysconfig: File does not exist: /tmp/x509up_u0 is not a valid file

for whatever reason, condor has root priv when trying to do the authentication,
and that is likely why it is failing.  (x509up_u0 is the key -- it should be
something like x509up_u24842 or whatever your uid is)

please open up a ticket by sending mail to condor-admin, and include the full
log file and version of condor you are using.