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[Condor-users] unconfigured/unimplemented variables ?

Hello, list!
this is a repost. maybe some filter ate the previous one.

Considering the following job/machine ClassAd variables:
RemoteSysCpu, RemoteUserCpu,LocalSysCpu, LocalUserCpu

I discovered they don't change for any job in our pool, they are always

I looked at the manual, and ML archives... and they are all 0... and
they're only mentioned in the context of what they are _supposed_ to mean.

Is there a way to configure these variables to display something closer
to reality ?

Best Regards,
Max Kovgan.
Maxim Kovgan
Distributed Systems & Data Mining Lab
Computer Science
Technion, 32000, Haifa
phone# (+972)-(4-829)3864