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[Condor-users] Dedicated resource job niceness

Hi all,

I just noticed something on my dedicated test machine. Processes started by condor seem to have a higher niceness than normal ("Owner initiated") processes. As a result they get lower CPU %. For instance:

14194 bgoncalv  25   0  4932 1472 1240 R 66.0  0.3  86:07.77 EO-time.x
31365 bgoncalv  35  10  4096 1464 1240 R 33.2  0.3   2:56.67 EO-time.x

The exact same executable, the first line was hand started using "nohup" and the second one was started by submiting a job to condor. Is there anyway to change this? In particular I would like condor initiated processes to be run with the same priority as if they had been started by the machine's owner.


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