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[Condor-users] Wildcards/regexp in Rank expression

I am trying to set a RANK expression on a set of 15 worker nodes.

The following works:

Rank = ((accountinggroup == "group_numi.rubin") * 1000) + 1

The idea is to give group_numi.rubin leading priority over any
other user on these nodes which are part of a much larger pool.

But really what I want to do is to give any user in
accounting group group_numi.* the same priority as rubin.
(new users get added to group_numi all the time and we don't want
to edit the condor_config file every time one comes along).
Is there any way to put a wildcard into the Rank expression (or
any other similar classad expression)?  Or should I go about
it differently?


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