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[Condor-users] Cluster design questions...

Is it possible for a machines to have multiple filesystem domains?

For example:

all systems have AFS
cluster nodes have GFS as well
some workstations have NFS
(of the NFS workstations different systems have different mounts

Does each permutation of filesystems need to be defined as a domain
with the submission need to specify all the domains that meet it's
requirements?  For example given that all filesystem domains contain
AFS, a request of the AFS filesystem could become:

Requirements =  FileSystemDomain == "AFS" ||
		FileSystemDomain == "MyGFS" ||
		FileSystemDomain == "MyGroupNFS" ||
		FileSystemDomain == "OtherGroupNFS" ||
		FileSystemDomain == "AnotherGroupNFS"

More over if another filesystem domain is created for yet another NFS
or GFS clustering all submit scripts will need to be updated or miss
using the new nodes.

Am I missing something in the docs or is my filesystem universe just
ridiculously complex (or perhaps both)?