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Re: [Condor-users] Installation question

I've got an installation which has Windows system as central manager and also Windows systems as execution machines. If all your execution systems are Windows systems, I think that this is simpler than having a Linux system for central manager with Windows systems doing execution.
This is because Condor on Windows systems makes different assumptions to those made by Linux and other Unix systems. I'm honestly not sure how big the effect will be, however, if your submit systems are also all Windows systems. In that case, I think they will fill in many of the blanks.
In your submit files, you SHOULD always specify
should_transfer_files = YES
(Condor on Windows can have difficulties with network file shares. It's simpler to let Condor transfer files around.)
You may also have to specify the ARCHITECTURE and OS required. You should be able to find references in the manual to show you how to do this, provided you know to look.
Hope this helps,
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I am installing condor and want to know if it is possible to have the central manager as a Linux machine and the execution nodes as windows based machines. Any help would be appreciated.