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Re: [Condor-users] condor_compile

does nobody have experience with such things?

Andreas Fladischer wrote:


i'm using the new condor release with 2 pc's. to submit normal job in both universes(standard and vanilla) will work perfectly!now i want to run make with condor_compile. i followed the condor guide and copied the condor ld to my old ld path; the condor compile man page and one entry from the list tell's that i can compile every downloaded package with condor compile but it doesn't work. for testing purpose i downloaded the glibc package. i use nfs with the share /root/condor_test and i copied the tar.gz package to this directory. after unpacking i changed into the glibc directory and do following commands:

condor_compile make

and there the error happens. on the second node the /var/log/message file told me something like

rpc.statd[2232]: recv_rply: can't decode RPC message!

i don't know exactly what i should do now; i hope someone can tell me what i forgot to do!

with best regards and thanks in advance

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