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Re: [Condor-users] Job continually being run due to shadowexception errors.

On 2/16/06, Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx <Greg.Hitchen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The D7EG9AB.condorlog file is simply the standard condor user log file.
> Shouldn't condor be creating this, not the job?
> The submit file is listed below.

> log        = D7EG9AB.condorlog

> transfer_output_files = D7EG9AB.log,D7EG9AB.condorlog

Jamie stated this but just to make it crystal clear, the output and
error arguments refer to what files condor will place the stdout
stderr streams into (if any) and transfer back.

The log argument specifies a file on the local (schedd/shadow end) to
write information concerning the progress of the job/cluster, there is
no need to specify this as a file to transfer (since it is never
touched by the execution (startd/starter) part of the process.

In fact specifying explicit file transfers is generally unecessary
unless you have some performance reasons not to send things back such
a temp files created in the local directory. If you can make your job
plce only useful stuff in the working dirctory and use %TEMP%, /tmp or
some sub driectory of the working directory then these won't be
transferred back anyway.