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Re: [Condor-users] condor convention, i686 vs x86_64 architecture

Steven Timm wrote:
I have a cluster of machines, some of which are x86_64 architecture
(opteron) and some which are i686 (Intel Xeon).
At the moment they are all running the 32-bit version of the linux
kernel that comes with Sci. Linux 3.0.5.

If we were to change it so that our opterons ran the x86_64 kernel
and distro, while the others stayed at 32-bit, is there any
native condor classad that could tell the difference between them?
Or do they all appear the same?  It appears that there is no
difference in the condor binaries for 32 vs 64 bit kernel/distro.

What have other condor users done to be able to tell these
two architectures apart, if you have them in the same condor pool?


Steve Timm

Hello Steve,

I am using SciLinux 4.2 64bits and SciLinux 3.0.5 32bits on dual opterons and then condor_status gives
vm1@xxxxxxxxx LINUX       INTEL
vm2@xxxxxxxxx LINUX       INTEL
vm1@xxxxxxxxx LINUX       x86_64
vm2@xxxxxxxxx LINUX       x86_64

So it is easy to discriminate.
But I wonder if the difference is linked to SciLinux version or OS bit level !

Anyway, I made performance statistics regarding to long blast jobs (blast compiled for 32 bits Linux), to have an idea of the influence of 32/64 bits OS on jobs : I gained 20 % simply running them on 64bits OS (another difference : kernel 32bits-2.4 vs 64bits-2.6).

So as soon as possible I will upgrade my nodes to SciLin 4.2 x86_64 !



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