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Re: [Condor-users] Amount of ports used by condor

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> The number of machines doesn't factor into it - you just need 
> to have enough open ports for the max single machine. It's 
> not the sum.
> If you have an execute machine with 2 VMs, the manual says to 
> open 15 ports (5 + 5*number of VMs)
> If you have 1000 execute machines, each with 2VMs, you still 
> only have to open 15 ports. Each machine can use the same 15 
> ports, but on different IP addresses.

This doesn't seem to be what happens though, unless I'm misunderstanding
something. Our current test pool has of the order of 50-60 machines
in it (windows machines).  We have used the HIGHPORT and LOWPORT options
to restrict the port range to 9000-10000. I used tcpdump on our linux
central manager and it shows only 445 unused ports in that range,
i.e. about 555 unique ones used (~ 55 machines X 10 ports each (1 vm)).

We first ran into this when increasing our pool size and the port range
was only 9600-9700. Machines started getting the "failing to bind to
a port" type of error. Increasing to 9000-10000 fixed this but now we
are looking at pool sizes of hundreds of PCs.