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Re: [Condor-users] user priorities

In my cluster there are a few users who should get priority above
everyone else, while all other users are allowed only the resources that
are left over.  Can condor_userprio, or some other utility, be used to
raise these few users' priority on the system?  From what I read in
I thought I could do the following:

# condor_userprio -setfactor cmsprod@local .01
... to effectively give all other users a priority factor of 100.

However, it seems that only positive integers are allowed, which means
that I can only reduce a users priority, not raise it.

I would rather be able to give a couple of users a lower priority factor
(resulting in a higher effective priority) than to give a large number
of users all high priority factors (to lower their priority).  Is this


I believe there is a DEFAULT user priority that can be set.. you could
set that high (1 million or so) and then explicitly set the 2 or 3
user priorities to unity.

However, on my cluster, I've taken the time to just set all the grid
opportunistic users to 1000000 or higher.  And used group quotas
too to limit the number of jobs they can start.