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[Condor-users] POST script fails to execute with Condor DagMan


Has anyone used a Python script as a post command in a condor dagman submit?

I'm running Condor 6.6.11 on Windows XP client and Master Controller is also Windows XP
The file server is Linux/Samba.

I'm trying to run a python script after each JOB within my Condor DAGman submit. But the python script doesn;t seem to be executed. Condor seems to run the python interpreter but doesn't pass along the script to be run as the argument. I know the script is not running because it is supposed to create a text output file and the file doesn't show up.

Dagman.out LOG:

7/2 09:49:24 Running POST script of Job athena2_1-1...
7/2 09:49:24 Of 1 nodes total:
7/2 09:49:24  Done     Pre   Queued    Post   Ready   Un-Ready   Failed
7/2 09:49:24   ===     ===      ===     ===     ===        ===      ===
7/2 09:49:24     0       0        0       1       0          0        0
7/2 09:49:29 Event: ULOG_POST_SCRIPT_TERMINATED for Condor Job athena2_1-1 (406.0.0)
7/2 09:49:29 POST Script of Job athena2_1-1 failed with status 2
7/2 09:49:29 Retrying node athena2_1-1 (retry #1 of 3)...

Dagman input file:

Job athena2_1-1 athena2_1-1.sub
Script POST athena2_1-1 C:/Python24/python.exe R:/condor_submit/maya/frameCheck.py
RETRY athena2_1-1 3