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[Condor-users] How To TroubleShoot Flocking

Hi.  I am trying to setup flocking between 2 condor pools.  1 pool I have complete control/access to, the other pool I can log in using ssh and submit jobs.  The administrator of the other pool is currently on vacation and said he has configured flocking to/from our pool.  I’m trying to test it, and it seems like flocking isn’t working.


I was wondering how I can troubleshoot flocking to see what the culprit is.  I already tried to submit a job whose requirements can only be fulfilled on the other pool.  Condor_status –analyze <jobid> shows that all machines can’t meet the requirements.  I have also run condor_status –pool <otherpoolname> and it properly displays all available machines on the other pool.  I’m not sure what to check next.


Note: There is a firewall between the pools and our network admin has already configured the firewall to allow traffic between pools.


Thanks for any help.



John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
CLO 332