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Re: [Condor-users] dynamic constraints with DAGman


The easiest way (at least for me) is to put the submit file modification code in the job B command (and not into the post or pre script). The command "knows" everything you need and can modify the submit files based on a naming convention and a few passed variables.


Jean-François SMIGIELSKI wrote:
I have successfully set some extra requirements within a PRE script to modify the description file of the next condor JOB.

But in the case of the dag: A->B->C, I still have a problem to grab informations about B in the C job (or its PRE/POST scripts).
Is there a built-in way to collect data (about the job and his target), and to forward it to the next jobs of the dags. I think I only can run the logs of the job to find the last line matching 'executing on host', and find this host in the condor_status output. But that doesn't give me as many informations as I would.

What do you think about it?