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Re: [Condor-users] use Namd with condor

On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 03:29:31PM +0200, Nicolas GUIOT wrote:
> Hi
> So here is my problem : I would like to use namd with condor on several CPUs. Namd is firstly designed for this, but it's not that trivial (IMHO) to use it with condor : 
> Here is how namd usually works : 
> You need to first create a file (nodelist.dat) which contains all the CPUs, then namd starts on the first one (a.k.a. "master node"), and the master dispatches the jobs through the other CPUs.
> Here is how it needs to be in condor : 
> - I submit my job to condor
> - the matchmaker find X CPUs available for this job
> - Then condor "books" these CPUs, so that nobody takes them, letting time for : 
> - Condor creates the nodelist.dat file (with the available CPUs)
> - Condor spawns the "master node".
> - And finally the master will spawm the "slave" jobs.
> In these conditions, it might not be possible to register the "slave nodes" as used by condor jobs (condor_status would probably list them as "Owner"),but I don't really care of this "detail"...
> So, do you think it is possible ?

This is exactly what the parallel universe in Condor 6.7 does. `