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[Condor-users] Update Interval Basics


I will be most grateful if my this basic doubt about update interval is clarified. Please note that this query is not birdbath specific but relates to updating mechanism of condor.

Update interval by default is 5 minutes. This is the time after which all daemons update the master. I was wondering (and I read the manual to try to understand it but there wasn't much there) if a computer sends its memory update as 5666 available and after 3 minutes there is only 100 remains available and rest all is consumed by some processes. Now would condor choose the node upon this 5666 available memory or before deciding it will check all the nodes again (even when its not the right time of update as its only 3 minutes passed whereas the update interval is 5 minutes).

Now according to an earlier reply about polling interval it seems that an instance's daemons keep updating it quite frequently but they only update the master after 5 minutes (or whatever time is specified as update interval). So in the light of this i can understand that a particular instance will always know the changes that are taking place from time to time but it will only update the master when its the time according to update interval. It, if true, implies that before the update if condor is queried through birdbath about the load state, swap etc then the information can be outdated.

I will highly appreciate your comments.