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Re: [Condor-users] Is this a feature or a bug in Condor 6.7.19?


There was an intentional change to the behavior of grid-universe jobs having paths specified for the output files, in order to make it consistent with non-grid universe jobs, where the path specifies a path on the submit side rather than the execute side. The developer who is most knowledgeable about that is on vacation at the moment, so I do not know if there is a way to translate what you are trying to do (using a path to a file on the remote site) into the revised syntax.

I recommend sending this report to condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx so that we do not lose track of it.


On Jul 11, 2006, at 4:54 PM, Gabriel Mateescu wrote:


I noticed that the mapping of the
job's stdout has changed from
Condor 6.7.17 to 6.7.19 in an
important way.

1. "Old" (6.7.17) mapping for Condor-G jobs for GT4

   the job attribute

      Out = /path/to/file

   was mapped to



where ${GLOBUS_SCRATCH_DIR}/job_HASH is also the value
of the <directory> element.

2. "New" (Condor 6.7.19) mapping for Condor-G jobs for GT4

   The job attribute

      Out = /path/to/file

   is mapped to



This new behavior seems to me less suitable than
the old behavior, because now the <sourceUrl> path
does not match <stdout>, which is still mapped to
${GLOBUS_SCRATCH_DIR}/job_HASH, and thus one
cannot use absolute paths in the Out specification
any more; in other words, the staged out file
will be an empty file rather than stdout.

But what I do not know is if the new behavior has
been done intentionally or if it is a bug.

Thank you.

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