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Re: [Condor-users] building sw with condor

hm, pmake doesn't distribute jobs over var. computers - right?

try to explain again:
- our buildsystem is gmake based
- building on a single workstation takes some time
- using condor would allow to distribute compilation to several computers
- modifying our buildsystem to just submit jobs to condor is not a very elegant solution - no more dependencies and no way to follow progress

br woecki

On 7/5/06, Simon King <Simon.King@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
johann woeckinger wrote:
> dear all,
> i try to setup a condor grid to build our pretty complex sw system faster.

How about pmake, e.g.


which is specifically designed for parallel compilation: it has low
latency (unlike systems such as Condor) so it starts jobs up *very*
quickly indeed. It uses standard Makefiles.


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