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[Condor-users] Condor, SPSS, and a bunch of newbies

Hi, all.

My team continues to play with our infant Condor cluster.  We've now got
our first customer for the system, a researcher who wants to use it to
run lots of SPSS jobs.  Great, we've got lots of Windows workstations
with SPSS and the MySQL driver he needs, all running Condor.

Trouble is, we know less about SPSS than we do about Condor, and we're
having trouble getting the two to work together.  Part of our confusion
arises from the fact that there are apparently several ways to automate
SPSS jobs, and we suspect that one might be better than others where
Condor is concerned.

So, my question is, does anyone know of a howto or similar resource for
running SPSS under Condor?  Naively googling for "condor spss" isn't
getting me very far.

Failing that, would anyone with SPSS+Condor experience be willing to
answer a few clueless questions now and then?

Thanks much,