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Re: [Condor-users] 6.8.0 installation issues

hi mark.

thanks for the reply... but how would the compat..-33 lib help here...

i doubt that there's anything in the .6 lib that's not in the .5 lib. i'm
hopeful/guessing that the developers of the lib didn't play with any of the
backward compatible interfaces...

i went ahead and did a rpm --nodeps and it installed.. i have yet to verify
if it runs...


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bruce wrote:
> hi..
> i have linux - FC3. i did a yum update, which has more or less updated
> everything on the box.
> when i now download the condor 6.8.0 RPM (july 19), it dies, complaining
> the fact that it's looking for an earlier version of the libstdc++ than i
> have. i have 6, it's looking for 5.
> any thoughts as to how i can resolve this issue, as i don't have the
> source...

I had the same problem on FC5, you need the compat-libstdc++-33 package
to fix this.

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