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[Condor-users] condor installation...


i've been looking at various docs regarding the installation of condor. i'm
somewhat confused.

to begin, when i did an install via RPM, i get a msg stating that i need to
set the "NETWORK_INTERFACE" config parameter. however, i don't know exactly
where to place the config information.

i have 4 machines in my condor network. i'd like to set one to be the
master, and the others to be child/client nodes. i've setup a nfs share for
each box to write to/share information.

	nodes			type
	foo			master
	dog			child
	cat			child
	bird			child

i'd like to be able to run apps on each box. my goal is to have a separate
process create the apps to be run on the condor node(s).

i'm not sure what needs to be done to actually/fully install condor on each
machine. for some reason, i'm getting confused by the docs on the wisc site.

i have a "condor" user/group on each machine... (/home/condor)

each condor is installed in the /home/condor dir...

i'm not sure what else has to be done, and what the required steps are to
complete, and to get the network up so i can actually testthe overall

any help would be greatly appreciated.