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[Condor-users] condor guru!!


in testing, i can't figure out how to get multiple apps to run on a machine
in my setup at the same time. i've tried to create a submit file that does
multiple copies, which runs. however it only appears to run a single app on
a machine, rather than running a number of apps at the same time.

i also tried to create a number of submit files, with each file containing a
single queue. here again, condor_q seems to indicate that only a single app
is running on a given machine. 

am i missing something. are there attributes that can be set, that i've
missed. it was my understanding that a machine/user can submit multiple apps
and that the apps can be run in a parallel manner on the given machine.

i'm pretty sure that i should be able to accomplish this... the issue is

thoughts/help/comments would be useful.



ps. if needed, i can provide my condor_config file

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