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Re: [Condor-users] Regarding customization of Installation on Condor

So I will also try with 6.7.18...I will reiterate the steps ...to check
my understanding...

1. run the corresponding exe file: condorsetup.exe /r setup.iss
2. The setup.iss file will be generated.
3. Use the setup.iss file for further installations....

I was not able to get ur first point ... Since I am a new bie for these

Thanks In Advance,


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We have deployed 6.7.18 with the method described below.
I do not know, if 6.6 is working like this as well.
Sorry, we have never tried 6.6.

Michael Hess

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With what version of Condor does this work...

I am now using 6.6.10 version of Condor.  I just now tried to setup
Condor with /r option.  I gave the command as

condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe /r setup.iss

But the setup.iss file was not created but Condor is running fine.

Where Am I going wrong...


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Hi !

As I have not done the installation myself, I asked the Desktop people
how they deployed our ~1300 PCs Windows.
This was the answer:

1  Extract the contents of the original condor client .exe - this
provided us with a setup.exe and a load of other files used for
installing the client - if I remember correctly there was no extraction
switch - so I ran the exe and when it started asking for info I found
all the extracted contents in my user profiles temp folder - I then
copied the contents to a safe location 'cause the installer deletes it
when it's finished or cancelled
2  On a clean or virtual PC - run the setup.exe using the /r option to
create a setup.iss file - the /r option is a recorder that records all
your configuration needs into the .iss file - if you make a mistake or
want to modify an option you can edit the iss file with a text editor
3  Copy the iss file to the same folder as the setup.exe - the iss file
is normally created at %WIN%
4  Run the setup.exe /s - this then installs the client silently using
the iss file
- normally we check for a successful install by checking the exitcode of
the setup.exe - in condor's case an exitcode=4243784 seems to indicate
success instead of the usual 0
5  Copy the modified condor_config.local file into place and restart the
condor service

Hope this is from any help...

Best regards,

Michael Hess
PlymGrid Officer
University of Plymouth
Devon, UK

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