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Re: [Condor-users] how to beef up the submit host ?

On Fri, 9 Jun 2006, Dr Ian C. Smith wrote:

> Question is: if we had the money to beef up the submit host
> would it be worth going for a multi-processor (can schedd
> work with multiple threads) ? Or would more memory be the
> answer (memory usage seems OK at the moment though).

If you're just looking to maintain the performance of condor_q when a
user is submitting a large cluster like this you can add a Quill DB to
to your system. With quill in place your condor_q calls will use the
RDMS provided by Quill instead of asking the schedd for queue

For our installation we keep everything Condor hidden from the users
behind a custom interface. We can automatically throttle job submissions
for users so they can't overload our schedd. And we can cache status
information and serve it up from a DB instead of from the "live" Condor
system. Works great with Quill and I highly recommend the meta scheduler
approach for any big installations that want to stick to one schedd for
as long as possible.

- Ian