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[Condor-users] multi-core memory partitioning


I suppose this question isn't new but could not find a solution, please
bear with me...
We're trying to set up a Condor pool from multi-core machines (dual-CPU, 
dual-core Opterons), and would like to use it in a symmetric way most of
the time (which means that all 4 VMs will be able to use 1/4 of the total
memory installed).
There will (infrequently) be tasks which need more memory (about 60-90%
of the total amount), and to avoid swapping, we'd like to 
- allow matching to a node only if all VMs are in idle state
- disallow matching to a node if one of the BIG ONEs is already running
	on it
This will obviously need dynamic modification of the machine class ads,
and intra-node communication between the VMs of a single node.
Does/will Condor have any means to accomplish this? Can you please point
me to the appropriate parts of the docs?


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