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[Condor-users] Changes in SOAP (BirdBath) interface in Condor ver 6.7.20

I just answered a question below that I think may be of interest to condor-users readers :


My name is James XXXXXX and I am supposed to be implementing a job submission
portal for Condor, Birdbath might be part of the answer, can you offer any
further suggestions, I think I heard somewhere that Condor 6.8.0 was due to be
released with added portal technologies but do you know roughly when that will
be ?

Thanks in advance


Hi James --

Version 6.7.20, which is the last developer release before ver6.8.0 and is therefore feature complete, is now code complete and being tested on the production pool at UW-Madison. Assuming it checks out, it should be on the website Friday or Monday.

So here is what has changed re BirdBath/SOAP in ver 6.7.20 :

+ Support for SOAP over HTTPS (HTTP + SSL). How it works is clients have an SSL client side certificate, and the Condor daemons are given an SSL server side certificate (very similar to a web server). Condor can then authenticate the client certificate, "map" the certificate subject name to a canonical Condor user id (username@uid_domain), check the authorization of the user (by checking the ALLOW/DENY settings in the condor_config file), and then performing the SOAP calls. Of course, all communication is private (standard SSL). Condor uses OpenSSL under the covers. Note that for a portal environment, you may not care --- for instance, if the portal handles the job of authenticating/authorizing users (with a login password or whatever), you could tell Condor to "trust" whatever your portal says and the portal could just communicate w/ Condor using HTTP (HTTP is a little faster than HTTPS, and less work to setup since you don't need to create signed certificates etc).

+ Support for multiple simultaneous transactions to the Schedd. Previous releases of BirdBath were somewhat crippled because only one client could be active at any given moment. This lame restriction has finally been removed -- you can have as many simultaneous clients as your operating system can handle (the primary restriction being the maximum number of allowed TCP sockets).

+ We have a bunch of example code for both Java (using Axis) and for C# (using Microsoft .NET) to do things like submit jobs, query about job status, remove jobs, etc. We hope to bundle these code examples into the ver 6.7.20 tarball before public release.

Other than the above, everything else is pretty much the same. In particular, the API (WSDL files) did not change w/ v6.7.20, so folks who have been working with earlier releases do not have to change anything.


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