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If you stay within your campus network I propose to begin with a pure Condor pool ! It is much simpler to configure and maintain than the full Globus stuff.
We have a big Condor pool of about a 100 machines for scientific computations of all sorts and it fits our needs very well.

Tobias Pingel wrote:
I'm nearly new in Grid-Computing. I collected experiences with MATLAB Distributing Toolbox and some with BOINC.
Now I'm working on a project, it's a parameter study, and so a grid-software would be very suitable. We want to use a Campus-grid for this or a pool of PCs. And while the computers are running in idle time the programm should work on this machines. It's only a "little" project first but could be expanded later on. Because I'm new, I want to ask you which software would be the best for this purpose! The requirements are:

- shortest period of vocational adjustment as possible (if possible ;-))
- easy to handle / install
- Should run in background for windows and/or linux users (the combination of both would be perfect)
- support of written C Program
- suitable for parameter studies
I also read something about Condor and Condor-G, Globus and BOINC. But I couldn't estimate the effort installing/implementing such grid-environments. The Condor software looks very suitable for this solution and with Condor-G you can combine it with Globus... . Or are there other Grid-Middleware solutions for this "problem".
Any advices would be helpful!
With best regards,
Tobias Pingel

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