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Re: [Condor-users] Home directory for user "condor"


The condor user's home directory does not need to be shared. You should be able to set it to the same path as your LOCAL_DIR.


Steven Timm wrote:

[root@fngp-osg root]#  condor_config_val CONDOR_IDS

My cluster is currently configured so that user condor (4716.3302) as
seen above, has got an nfs-mounted shared home directory /home/condor.
There is not anything actually in this directory at all.  Nevertheless
I'm tracking nfs activity and seeing that this directory is accessed
every time a daemon is started up, in particular every time
a condor_starter is launched on any compute node.

My question.. does this directory really need to be shared, particularly
if it is not used for a condor_config of any sort?  Could
I just set it to be the same directory as my LOCAL_DIR on each node,
which is not shared at all?

Steve Timm