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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, Condor-G and Hawkeye

Hello Jean-Francois,

My context:
- a globus grid (GT 4.0.2) of linux machines
- a condor pool (6.7.19, not yet 6.7.20:-) managing one usual machine
(Linux) and the previous Globus Grid.
- I "manually" send ads for the grid nodes to the condor_collector, and
these machines appear when I call condor_status. I am able to
automatically dispatch jobs using condor-G. But I still have do advertise
by hand.

I'm sorry I can't help but I was wondering if you could tell me which parts
of Condor software you installed on the globus grid nodes? Do you have a
full Condor installation on each and every grid node? Because just the
condor_advertise executable doesn't seem to suffice for advertising.

I'm having the same problem with manual advertising, in addition to having
to install Condor on each grid node. I don't know about Hawkeye but I will
go out and look for some info :-)

Dragan Sunjka