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Re: [Condor-users] Newly Added Machines to an Existing Pool RemainIdle


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> Thank you for the suggestion. Indeed, the IA32 machines are 
> not matched.
> My next question is can I change the default requirements to not 
> require the same OS and Arch as the submit machine? If so, 
> how do I do 
> this?
If you know that all your compute nodes are able to handle the program
you are running  (e.g. it's a 32-bit binary that you're "transferring",
or you're not transferring the executable and you know that it's in the
right place/version on each compute node), then you can add the
following to your Requirements spec for the job:
&& OpSys != "Dummy" && Arch != "Dummy"

This will match any operating system and architecture on the target node
as long as the target node doesn't have an OS or Arch of "dummy".   This
will crash and burn if you ever add a Windows box, or a Solaris box etc.
;-), so you can be more specific as required e.g. 
(OpSys=="LINUX" && Arch!="Dummy")
(OpSys=="LINUX " && (Arch=="INTEL" || Arch=="X86_64"))
Or anything else you can dream of,

Craig Miskell
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