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Re: [Condor-users] creating a special queue for administrators

On 2/28/06, Hans Wenzel <wenzel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi alan
> I will have a look (our cluster is down right now)  But even if the user
> has a very high priority one would have to wait until
> the current jobs are finished. What I was thinking of was a way to let
> you run the test right away
> e.g. having and extra vm on the machines that would just be available
> for the high proiority users and would only be used for non intrusive
> test jobs.

That's prob the best way to do it, and given the explicit vm settings
avail in the 6.7 series very likey to work well.

RANK is a def. no no for non intrusiveness as David has pointed out...

I don't know if it is possible but throwing the idea out in case you
find the vm solution isn't right for your needs,. Run two condor
masters with seperate config files thus firing up entirely seperate