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[Condor-users] Submit Help

Hey All,

So I'm having a slight problem with my submit file or something else is going wrong.

So the command i want to run would be executed as follows without condor:

mpirun -np (number of nodes) prog -test

I created a submit file that looks something like:

universe = parallel
executable = prog
arguments = -test
log = logfile
input = prog.conf
output = meow_5.out
error = meow_5.err
machine_count = 5
should_transfer_files = always
when_to_transfer_output = on_exit

Now here is there it gets weird... So when the job is done running, meow_5.out
and meow_5.err come out completely blank!?!? So I re-ran the job while sshed to
one of my machines. As soon as one of the execution nodes went busy I was able
to go into the directory that condor created. I did a "more" on meow_5.out on a
execution node and it had the information i wanted. Any ideas to as why the
meow_5 would be blank on the head node and yet have information on the execution