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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with java reqirements

Srinivasan wrote:

What flavor of JVM are you using?

Sun jdk 1.5.0_5

By any chance are these linux boxes
are SMP machines?

Yes: Pentium 4 with HT.

I too had the same problem. This only happens with sun JVM and nodes
configured in multiple vm under condor(vm1@host,vm2@host etc).
I then managed to use Blackdown's JVM where i needed multiple VM's+java
It works? Only install is needed, or you had to tweak the installation?

and configured not to use multiple vm's under condor where i am obliged
to use sun JDK.
How can I configure Linux in order to not use multiple vm, without changing the kernel?

If anybody else can give some other solution rather than my hacks would
be great.


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Thank you very much.