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Re: [Condor-users] Condor in a chroot environment

> I'm trying to run condor in a chroot environment.  The reaons are
> complex, so let's just say it's awfully helpful if I can get this to
> work properly.
> I have three other test Condor clusters set up and working properly. 
> Problems I'm seeing right now:
> 3/12 20:56:01 "/usr2/Condor-Gateway/sbin/condor_shadow 
> -classad" did not produce
>  any output, ignoring
> 3/12 20:56:01 "/usr2/Condor-Gateway/sbin/condor_shadow.pvm 
> -classad" did not pro
> duce any output, ignoring
> 3/12 20:56:01 "/usr2/Condor-Gateway/sbin/condor_shadow.std 
> -classad" did not pro
> duce any output, ignoring
> When I run this command manually, it does produce output:
> [root@m1 log]$ /usr2/Condor-Gateway/sbin/condor_shadow -classad
> IsDaemonCore = True
> HasFileTransfer = True
> HasMPI = True
> HasJava = True
> CondorVersion = "$CondorVersion: 6.6.10 Jun 13 2005 $"
> [root@m1 log]$
> I get the same output when I run it as user condor.
> condor_status returns one blank line.
> Any suggestions on where to look for errors would be welcome.
It's not condor specific, so may not be what you need, but when working
with chroot environments, the two most helpful tools are ldd and strace.
While in the chroot, run ldd on the binaries in question (heck, run it
on all of the condor ones).  It'll show you if there are any missing
dynamic libraries, which can often be a cause of problems, although I'd
expect a different sort of error.   Failing that, run the command under
strace, and watch the last few lines (sometimes the last few hundred)
for file-not-founds or access denied errors (what seem to me to be the
most common chroot type problems).

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