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[Condor-users] A turtle in my pool does not start with the condor_master process

I have installed condor 6.7.x on a linux node just like on the other nodes in the same pool. But when i invoke the condor_master on this node, it does not start the daemons.
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 ~]$ cd condor
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 condor]$ cd sbin
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ ./condor_master
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ condor_status
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ ./condor_master
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ condor_status
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ ./condor_master
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$ ps -ef|grep condor_
xxxx    6396  6340  0 01:26 pts/1    00:00:00 grep condor_
[xxxx@dsl-turtle05 sbin]$
I have reinstalled the condor 6.7.x from the beginning again but i still could not solve  the problem.
I have checked the meminfo from /proc and ! the result is as follows:
MemTotal:       256060 kB
MemFree:         13740 kB
Buffers:         16724 kB
Cached:         150200 kB
SwapCached:          0 kB
Active:         124612 kB
Inactive:        82928 kB
HighTotal:           0 kB
HighFree:            0 kB
LowTotal:       256060 kB
LowFree:         13740 kB
SwapTotal:      787176 kB
SwapFree:       787032 kB
Dirty:               0 kB
Writeback:           0 kB
Mapped:          54556 kB
Slab:            31104 kB
Committed_AS:   105772 kB
PageTables:       1020 kB
VmallocTotal:   761848 kB
VmallocUsed:      1828 kB
VmallocChunk:   759728 kB
HugePages_Total:     0
HugePages_Free:      0
Hugepagesize:     4096 kB
These figures are not worse at all from the other nodes on which the condor_master is running successfully.
Could anyone give me an opinion on how this problem can be solved so that i could invoke the condor_master successfull! y. I appreciate the  knowledge, time and efforts you guys are putting in helping us. Thanking you,

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