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Re: [Condor-users] late binding of universe type

Hi Ryan,

You should be able to use the $$() mechanism for remote_universe, just like any other attribute. In the present scheme, if you want matchmaking to choose between grid and vanilla, you need to submit all of the jobs as grid universe jobs; a portion of those can then match to a Condor-C resource (i.e. a schedd) that will run them as vanilla jobs.

We have a daemon in development that does things the other way around: the jobs run directly as vanilla jobs by default, but under conditions that you can configure and control, they may also match to grid destinations and be transformed into grid jobs.


Ryan Garver wrote:

I'm curious if it is possible to have a remote_universe entry in my job file either fill in at matchmaking time or maybe be chosen from a list. I would like to have a job choose between grid and vanilla. This could be by inserting a variable from the machine class ad or just be a list. Is this even possible? Is there a way to simulate this if it is not?