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Re: [Condor-users] memory "sharing" question


Thanks for asking this question. As I write this, I'm in the process of
designing the next 10 or so nodes to add to my pool.  I'm strongly
favoring the AMD X2 line of processors and I'm wondering how I can best
make use of the dual execution cores.  I had wondered how Condor handled
things like memory resources. Do the class ads adjust on the fly?  So if
a job landed on a dual cpu node with 2GB of RAM and the job used up
1.5GB, would the class ad for the other cpu change to 512MB?


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I have dual CPU computers, with 2 Gb RAM. So the Ad says that each CPU
has 1 Gb : Does that mean that if a process need more memory than 1 Gb,
it won't get it ? or will it get this "over"-memory ?

How would it be possible to declare that a CPU has 2 Gb ?
Because, on the opposite, I have processes which don't use any memory
(or really little), so, in the best world, I could run 2 processes on 2
cpus, one with almost 2 GB Ram, and one with almost nothing. But, I
don't want to book the CPU for only these kinds of jobs, sometimes I
don't have any, so the CPU msut be free for other purposes...

I don't know if I'm clear, I hope you'll catch me, but if you need more
precision, just ask :)

I checked for example on one CPU, and got this : 
$ condor_status -l vm1@monceau|grep Mem
VirtualMemory = 975944
Memory = 1013
TotalVirtualMemory = 1951888
TotalMemory = 2027

Maybe you could explain me that, it would be easier...

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