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Re: [Condor-users] condor - Autodock

In addition to the executable, autodock3.exe, you will need to add:
should_transfer_files = YES
And something like:
transfer_input_files = diversity0001.hsg1.dpf,..\hsg1.A.map, ..\hsg1.C.map,

Arguments = -p diversity0001.hsg1.dpf -l diversity0001.hsg1.dlg

(that is, transfer the .dpf file, the ligand pdbq file, the macromolecule
.pdbqs and all the autogrid map files. You may also need to add the path to
Cygwin1.dll in the transfer_input_files command. I vaguely remember doing
that at one stage when running the NCI Diversity Set using Condor.
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On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Nuno Carvalho wrote:

> ok  :-[
> i changed to "queue 7" and the program only runs on the local machine :(

After submitting jobs, condor_q -l -analyze should give you useful 
information about why a job isn't running.

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