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Re: [Condor-users] Error: Can't find address for schedd <hostname>

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006, Gerald Davies wrote:

Hi all,

I've encountered a problem that is new for me on one of our clusters.  Condor appears to have crashed.  However, upon restarting condor I get the error message below if i try and issue a condor_q:

Error: Can't find address for schedd coma.coma

Extra Info: You probably saw this error because the condor_schedd is not
running on the machine you are trying to query. If the condor_schedd is not
running, the Condor system will not be able to find an address and port to
connect to and satisfy this request. Please make sure the Condor daemons are
running and try again.

This is coming because it is the condor_schedd that is crashing.
MasterLog and SchedLog should tell you why, if they don't, set
the corresponding settings to D_FULLDEBUG and try again.


Extra Info: If the condor_schedd is running on the machine you are trying to
query and you still see the error, the most likely cause is that you have
setup a personal Condor, you have not defined SCHEDD_NAME in your
condor_config file, and something is wrong with your SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE
setting. You must define either or both of those settings in your config
file, or you must use the -name option to condor_q. Please see the Condor
manual for details on SCHEDD_NAME and SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE.

$CondorVersion: 6.7.12 Sep 24 2005 $

It's emailing me periodically with the last few lines of the schedd and negotiator logfiles.  I haven't made any changes to condor.  condor_status shows the correct number of nodes, but i cannot access the queue.

Any suggestions on how to solve this are greatly appreciated.  I'll dig around the log files, etc, and try and figure it out.



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