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[Condor-users] Job limit for a condor user


One of the users of the condor pool here is submitting jobs from two
different machines. He hopes to be able to increase his productivity by
submitting jobs from multiple machines, however I'm wondering if this is
a good idea and/or whether it actually works. As more jobs from this
user are submitted to the pool does his priority drop to a point at
which he can (for a while) not match any more jobs? I was viewing the
Matchlog on the master at the time, and noted that his jobs were being
rejected with an "insufficient priority" message. Can anyone please help
us to understand the situation here. At the time he managed to match in
the region of 400 jobs to machines, however there were still in excess
of 800 machines still available to do work.

If this user really wants to do the above then should he really use a
different username on his multiple submit machines -- so that he does
not compete against himself for resources?

Thank you -- David Baker.