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[Condor-users] Newbie java arguments question


I'm trying to run a java universe job, with a program that requires
memory parameters as well as command line arguments in the java call. 
My pool has three windows machines, and Condor version 6.6.9.

I know that the java universe requires that the arguments field of the
submit file be used to specify a class, so I'm not clear how to
specify real arguments in the submit file.

The  command to use this program outside of condor is

  java -Xms16m -Xmx100m ParticleApp batchmode.txt

where ParticleApp is the class file, and batchmode.txt is an input
argument.  The -X** arguments are some sort of memory command issued
to java (the developer told me they are necessary for this code to

Anyway, I tried a submit file like this:

universe = java
Requirements = OpSys == "WINNT50"

executable = ParticleApp.class
arguments = ParticleApp -Xms16m -Xmx100m batchmode.txt
jar_files = ParticleDep.jar
transfer_input_files =
airway.dat,Dimval15.dat,In_coord15.dat,lego.dat,LIT.dat, \
	LMT.dat,neib.dat,no-slip.dat,nostril.dat,OLF.dat,outlet.dat,RIT.dat, \

output = try_1.out
error = try_1.err

should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT


The result is that the job immediately matches a machine, but just
stays idle.  It periodically releases that machine (state goes to
"unclaimed") and reclaims it, but the job still remains idle, and
eventually I have to remove it with condor_rm.  I've tried letting it
run over night, to no avail.  I have made this same code work by
wrapping the command in a batch file in the vanilla universe, and I
have also run the code at the pool machines themselves.  I'd like to
use the Java universe, becuase I don't want to extract files manually
in the batch file, then have all those files brought back as output
(or have to delete them in the batch file).  Listing all the class
files to be transferred also is not a practical solution, due to the
large number of them.

I suspect the batchmode.txt argument isn't being properly passed to
the java interpreter, and the interpreter is trying to start up the
GUI for this code.

Thanks for any suggestions!