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[Condor-users] Condor 6.7.18 released!

The Condor Team is pleased to announce the release of Condor 6.7.18.

This release features important security fixes and many other improvements, including Kerberos support for Windows enabling cross-platform authentication, the ability to run jobs as the submitting user on Windows, and a port to HPUX11. We strongly recommend sites running earlier versions of Condor in the 6.7 development series upgrade to 6.7.18 as soon as feasible.

See the Version History and Release Notes in the 6.7.18 Condor manual for details:


The following information describing the security fixes is included from the release notes:

A security team at UW-Madison is conducting an ongoing security audit
of the Condor system and has identified a few important
vulnerabilities.  Condor versions 6.6.11 and 6.7.18 fix these security
problems and other bugs.  There have been no reported exploits, but
all sites are urged to upgrade immediately.

The Condor Team will publish detailed reports of these vulnerabilities
on 2006-04-24, four weeks from the date when the fixes were first
released (2006-03-27).  This will allow all sites time to upgrade
before enough information to exploit these bugs is widely available.

Summary of vulnerabilities fixed in this release:

* Bugs in previous versions of Condor could allow any user who can
  submit jobs on a machine to gain access to the "condor" account (or
  whatever non-privileged user the Condor daemons are running as).
  This bug can not be exploited remotely, only by users already logged
  onto a submit machine in the Condor pool.

* The security of the "condor_config_val -set" feature was found to be
  insufficient, so this feature is now disabled by default.  There are
  new configuration settings to enable this feature in a secure
  manner.  Please read the descriptions of ENABLE_RUNTIME_CONFIG,
  configuration file shipped with the latest Condor releases, or in
  the Condor manual.

The Condor Team