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Re: [Condor-users] 6.7.18 problem: Kerberos authentication issues post-upgrade

> So again, there still seems to be some kind of credentical 
> cache problem.
To add to this:

I have just installed 6.7.18 today in a fresh pool (not an upgrade), and
am experiencing what I think are similar/related problems.  I'm
authenticating against a Win2K3 domain (hence my general delight at the
release of 6.7.18 which is linked against much more modern kerberos libs
making this generally possible)   

I'm using kerberos authentication all around:


And after some messing around, I managed to get my AD principals and
keytabs in order.  So, I can start condor ok, and with D_SECURITY on,
everything seems to be in order.  If I login as a general Kerberos user
(miskellc for e.g.), I can run condor_status and such without problems.
At this point, /tmp contains the condor kerberos credentials, but they
have uid of 0 in the filename.
-rw-------    1 condor   condor       2524 Mar 30 14:50 /tmp/krb5cc_0
Condor will continue to mostly work up until I do something condory as
root (e.g. condor_status).  The root commands will work (condor_status
will show me appropriate responses), as will any other user initiated
actions, but any condor->condor communications are now broken
(condor_off for example).  At this point, the krb credentials in /tmp
are now owned by root:
-rw-------    1 root     root         2524 Mar 30 14:51 /tmp/krb5cc_0

Which I think is the root problem.  If I manually kill condor then
restart, it will not start properly (unable to authenticate interdaemon
communication) until I kdestroy the credentials in /tmp.  

I reckon either:
a) condor shouldn't be writing the credential cache and should just be
running off of /etc/krb5.keytab (which is where it gets initial
credentials from anyway), or
b) condor should be creating this credential cache with the uid of the
condor user, not uid 0 (e.g. /tmp/krb5cc_<condoruid>). 

Of course, it could still be something else, and there might be a nice
workaround (I think there are KRB_* environment variables that can be
set to determine where credentials are cached, but I haven't used them

Hope this helps finding a fix,

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