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Re: [Condor-users] Network Capabilites of Condor Jobs.

> Could someone please describe to me, or point me in the direction of
> some documentation regarding the network capabilities of jobs
> submitted through Condor. By this I am interested to see if a job has
> the capability of contacting a web service that is not necessarily
> running within the Condor pool, has the capabilities of querying name
> servers etc..

Condor itself does nothing to restrict connectivity of jobs to resources
on your network.

A job's connectivity to services not on the machine running the job is
limited to your machine and network policies. If you have a
machine-based firewall that blocks outgoing access to web services, your
job will not be able to access these services. If you have a network
firewall that blocks access to the network where the web service sits,
your jobs will not be able to contact this service.

- Ian