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Re: [Condor-users] alternative 6.7.19 RPM for linux-x86

For anyone using this RPM, I have upgraded it to be 6.7.19.



On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 12:06:46PM -0600, Erik Paulson wrote:
> I've been maintaining an alternate RPM for the Condor releases for some
> internal projects for a while, and I've decided I should release them. The
> binaries used to create the RPM are identical to the official release,
> the only thing that's different is the packaging and the configuration. We
> use these RPMs in an environment with no shared filesystem, and a custom
> Linux install managed with cfengine, so the RPM assumes everything is
> local to the machine. It is meant to be the RPM for a worker node.
> It should run on nearly any RPM-based x86 linux distribution, but
> more recent releases (Fedora Core 5, for example) will need the
> compat-libstdc++ RPMs installed as well.
> The big differences in the configuration between "official" Condor and
> these RPMs:
>     * Condor is installed directly into /usr, not /opt/condor-release
>     * There is no condor user, instead the daemons use 'daemon' as their EUID
>     * Configuarion is stored in /etc/condor/condor_config. Do
>       not edit this file, make all changes to
>       condor_config.local. condor_config.local will not be overwritten in an
>       upgrade, but /etc/condor/condor_config will be completely replaced and
>       any changes to it will be completely lost. In condor_config.local, you
>       should only have to set three variables: condor_host, collector_name,
>       and hostallow_write. It is empty after it is installed, you must
>       edit this file.
>     * You can finally actually use rpm --upgrade
>     * condor_configure and condor_init are not used at all and are removed
>     * The VMx_USER setting is used. The RPM creates execute users
>     * The number of CPUs detected is capped at 4, to prevent running
>       out of VMx_USERs. If there are installations with more than 4 CPUs
>       I will up this in future releases
>     * EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED is turned on to prevent lurker processes.
>     * The startup script in /etc/rc.d/init.d is completely rewritten, and much 
>       more Redhat-ish
>     * Local files like log files and the execute directories for jobs
>       are in /var/condor. You may want to make that a seperate partition.
> I have signed the RPMs. If you come to Condor Week (which you should, since
> it'll be a good program) I will give you a copy of my public key fingerprint
> in person.
> The RPMs are here:
> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~epaulson/condor-remix/
> You should consider them 'experimental'. If you're using them and having
> problems with condor, try the official releases before asking 
> condor-admin for help.